Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easy Fan Fiction Reading on my iPod Touch

My wonderful, wonderful hubby got me an iPod Touch for Christmas this year. I was really excited to have something that I could read my fan fiction on that was portable. In the past I had to read on my work blackberry, which was was a no no with my M rated fic. I never want to explain who the Beautiful Bastard was or why he was ripping off his employees panties. My other option was my old ass laptop whose wireless was shot and a battery that lasted a full 15 minutes before it died.

When I opened the iPod I was super excited. That excitement tripped when I found out all the great programs I could use to help download my fiction, transfer it to my device and store it to read later. I though this tutorial might help other novice users bring out their inner Fan Fiction Techy side.

Ok, you will need to download a few programs to your computer.
1. Fan Fiction Downloader -
2. Calibre -
3. Stanza -

Ok so here is what all of these programs do:
1. Fan Fiction Downloader (FFD) allows you to enter a URL to a story you want to download and it downloads it for you.
2. Calibre works with FFD and works to convert the story to the format you want to use to read it in. BTW I use the ePub version since it works best on my iPod. However you can use PDF, TXT or a whole host of other file types. Click Here to see a list of the other formats and a little about them.
3. Stanza is the iPod application that both transfers the files to the iPod and orders them for you.

Hope this helps with reading fan fiction online. Believe me, I never knew it would be so easy.

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